The Research Element

 Listening to the voices of older people and communities to bring about positive change.

The research is the first prospective longitudinal study globally to examine older people’s lived experiences of help-seeking. We explore the decision-making and justice-seeking journey of our clients aged 60 years and over, when accessing our service to improve their family situation. In addition, we use a range of community engagement models to explore with older people in the community what they feel are healthy and unhealthy relationships in later life.











Involvement in research provides individual, family members and practitioners with the opportunity to talk openly about their personal relationships to help inform policy and practice.

Our research is shared with a wide range of audiences including academic and non-academic to embed learning and good practice models.








Although the project is based in Wales, the findings have international significance. Please see the ‘Centre for Age, Gender & Social Justice' page of this website for more details on published findings The Centre for Age, Gender and Social Justice.