The follwing is a cronological list of research publications from The Centre for Age, Gender and Socail Justice.



Domestic Abuse and Elder Abuse in Wales: A Tale of Two Initiatives 

Wydall, S. Clarke, A.  Williams,J. Zerk, R. (2018)  
The British Journal of Social Work, Volume 48, Issue 4, 1 June 2018, Pages 962–981 


Adult Safeguarding in Wales: One Step in the Right Direction

Williams, J. (2017)  The Journal of adult Protection.  


Domestic abuse and older people:factors influencing help-seeking

Sarah Wydall & Rebecca Zerk (2017) 
The Journal of Adult Protection  


Access to Justice for Victims/Survivors of Elder Abuse: A Qualative Study

Clarke, A., Williams, J, Wydall, S. (forthcoming 2015)

Social Policy and Society Cambridge Journal.


From Rights to Action’: Practitioners’ perceptions of the needs of children experiencing domestic violence.

Clarke, A., Wydall, S. (2015)

Child and Family Social Work volume 20, 2, pp181-190. 


A Safe Space? Creating opportunities for domestic violence victims to remain in the family home

Clarke, A., Wydall, S (2015)

Criminal Justice Matters (2015 Volume 99, Issue 1 pp.20-21). A safe space?



Protecting older victims of abuse who lack capacity : the role of the Independent Mental Capacity Advocate

Williams, J., Wydall, S and Clarke, A H. (2013) Elder Law Journal.


'Making Safe’ A Coordinated Community Response to Empowering Victims and Tackling Perpetrators of Domestic Violence

Clarke, A., Wydall, S (2013) Social Policy and Society volume 12, 3, pp. 393-406.


When I'm sixty-four: Lawyers, Law and 'Old Age'

Williams, J.R. 2013. Cambrian Law Review 34 pp. 103-120. 


Reforming the law of social care in Wales

Williams, J. 2012. EnvisAGE 9 pp. 19-21.


A New Law on Adult Social Care: A Challenge for Law Reform in Wales

Williams, J. 2012. Statute Law Review 33 (2) pp. 304-22. 


An opportunity for Wales?

Williams, J. 2009. Elder Abuse: EnvisAGE 8 pp. 4-6.

Law Reform: A Law Commission for Wales

Williams, J. 2009. Agenda pp. 19-22.


A New Advocate for Older People

Williams, J. 2004. Agenda pp. 62-64.


Elder abuse and access to law

Williams, J. 1995. Journal of the British Association of Services to the Elderly pp. 20-26.